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Your Enterprise Visual Workplace™
Monitor your Enterprise Dashboard from anywhere on the Web
Set goals, increase Team engagement, and achieve lasting performance improvements with Your Enterprise Visual Workplace™
What does LiveSPC do?

LiveSPC is an live/interactive web application, a "Visual Workplace" with social features, and a Statistical Process Control (SPC) engine. Your Team can:

Quick-Start Guide
  • Collect live Enterprise data from any connected source or web application through a secure interface.
  • Construct custom visual workplace dashboards to integrate your data in one place.
  • Discuss the data and what it means, capture decisions, and other information.
  • Share workplaces with other users, or embed them in your own webpage.

Individuals in your organization construct and share visual workplaces that display simple representations of data from a choice of: red-yellow-green stoplights, "gas gauge" indicators, bar graphs, X-Y graphs, histograms, Pareto, X-bar-R, X-bar-S, P and C charts, in any combination.

Team members monitor a visual workplace as they work, and converse with their Team about what they see. Automated notifications are sent via email and/or text messages when problems are detected.

Who uses LiveSPC?
  • Small and medium-sized businesses, web-enabled, manufacturing or operating companies use LiveSPC to monitor and manage their operations,
  • businesses required to exchange performance data with customers or suppliers, or
  • small-scale operators looking for a simple way to monitor performance.

In short: Any business looking for a low-risk way to become "data-driven", and reaping the benefits of:

  • Goal setting and communication,
  • Increased Team engagement,
  • Better process knowledge,
  • Organic and sustainable process improvements, and
  • Tapping all the brain power of the organization.
When can I get started?

Start immediately! LiveSPC.com delivers Your Enterprise Visual Workplace™ instantly, to every member of your team, via the web. No software to install or maintain.

Once you sign-up you can pick one or two metrics you'd like to track, build a dataset, add a simple JavaScript tag to your web HTML... and watch the data roll in. Or you can monitor your operations with simple server scripts that capture enterprize data and feed it to LiveSPC.com where you and your Team can analyze it and respond.